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Please feel free to email any questions and we shall do our best to answer. Also if you would like to receive special email alerts – for when a “Grand Design” property is placed for sale, or made available for rent, please email the word “GRAND” to us in the “Subject” line on the form below…

Apologies for the inconvenience but our Grand Designs For Sale webpage Contact Form that usually works from this webpage is not processing emails but losing them. Whilst we sort out IT repairs you are welcome to contact us on our parent website…

Please Click Here To Contact Us

The above weblink is on an entirely separate webserver and is working fine.

Alternatively, please TEXT a message to us on: 0793 557 2803


Alternatively you can write by old fashioned Royal Mail to:-

Grand Designs For Sale, Clover Cottage, Toward Lighthouse Point, Toward, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 7UB.


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