Finding Grand Designs

Secret Searching For Your Grand Design

We have been privileged to help the researchers at Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs production team over many years.

One of the ingredients for a Grand Design is a suitable candidate building. We can help you locate these via our main Unique Property Bulletin website (here).

Recently, we have been asked by readers of our websites for pro-active way to search for something a bit special. A building that they could design and make into a grand home. A property that Kevin McCloud’s team might put on their short list to mentor and film. For example…

An Example of Potential Grand Design

If you would like a DIY guide on how to locate unique property in your area, please consider reading our…

Special Feature Article…

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We illustrate and narrate research methods and examples that should be of help to you

A veritable “A” to “Z” of unusual buildings within the Manual. From Air Control Towers, to former Zoos, and including Barns, Castles, Distilleries, Engine Houses, Forts etc., right through the whole alphabet along the way.

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