Finding Grand Designs

We cannot guarantee this works for everyone, but this book is distilled from 25 years sleuthing interesting and unique property, with a proven track record of finding unique property – such as those featured in Grand Designs. The book has led to many successful results.


It is a fact that the research methods and examples to follow within these pages have seen, for example, several lighthouse buildings being bought by the participants and readers. Lighthouses, in this case, are the favourite genre of the author Russ McLean.

Though Russ also covers a veritable “A” to “Z” of unusual buildings within the Manual. From Air Control Towers, to former Zoos, and including Barns, Castles, Distilleries, Engine Houses, Forts etc., right through the whole alphabet along the way.

The point is, if the Unique Property Manual can work for lighthouses, it can also work for finding and buying Grand Design buildings.

There’s a money back guarantee if you don’t find this Manual of use.

To order, just read the narrative and if that floats your boat, consider acquiring a copy of the…

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